September 12, 2008 The MX-6000 home theatre remote control provides users with access to their media library - including data on their PC and iPod - using both a narrow band 418 MHz transmitter and an 802.11 B/G WiFi transceiver. This makes the USD$1,499 device the first control to offer two independent communications and control methods simultaneously.

The 418 MHz transmitter is used to control standard home theatre components, including AV receivers, TVs, projectors, cable and satellite receivers, CD/DVD players, set-top boxes and changers, while the WiFi transceiver can transfer cover art, and artist, album and title metadata. The metadata, along with all control functions, is displayed on the MX-6000’s 4.3-inch touch screen, freeing up the television to display media, rather than menus. The WiFi connectivity can also be used to access personalized news, sports, weather and stocks.

By using a second RF transmitter to control conventional equipment, the MX-6000 eliminates the need for a control to “join the network”. Companion RF base stations that provide instant control include the MSC-400 Master System Controller, which stores and issues Smart Macros to the user’s main system components; and the MRF-350 and MRF-260, which enable the MX-6000 to address or route IR commands to conventional components anywhere in a user’s home.

After installing the MX-6000 Server software, media stored in iTunes or Windows Media Player can be instantly accessed by the MX-6000. When used in conjunction with the PSX-1 (MSRP USD$349), which links iPods to Macs and PCs, the MX-6000 can turn a user’s iPod into a personal A/V server. The MX-6000 can control multiple PSX-1s, allowing users to play video and audio from any family member’s iPod. The WiFi connectivity eliminates lag times, and the MX-6000 touch screen and scroll wheel provide easy navigation, streamlining content management.

The MX-6000 touch screen offers a 480x272 pixel window, and can display BMPs, JPEGs, GIFs, and FLASH SWF files. The control is powered by a double capacity Lithium Ion battery, which provides four hours of continuous use. The control can remain in standby mode for up to ten days without requiring a recharge.

Both the MX-6000 and the PSX-1 will ship this month.

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