We've spent January hiding and creeping our way through Resident Evil 7, and as great as that's been, February's slate of games looks a little less nerve-jangling. For Honor seems like a solid action romp, the third chapter of Clementine's story begins in The Walking Dead: A New Frontier, and we round out the month hunting robot dinosaurs in the epic Horizon Zero Dawn.

For Honor

Due: Feb 14
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Who would win a fight between a knight, a viking and a samurai? No longer just the subject of nonsense debates, Ubisoft's For Honor pits those historical bad-asses against each other in tight, violent melee combat, across a single player story, and 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2 and 4 vs 4 multiplayer modes.

Sniper Elite 4

Due: Feb 14
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

For those who like their shooting games a little more tactical, the Sniper Elite series has players firing from afar, rather than rushing in guns blazing. Sniper Elite 4 continues the stealthy gameplay of distracting and luring targets into your sights, with shadows playing more of a role this time, allowing you to shoot out light sources to hide yourself better. Enemy AI will be more realistic and smarter, and the gruesome X-Ray replays are, apparently, bloodier than ever.

Halo Wars 2

Due: Feb 21
Platforms: PC, Xbox One

The Halo series returns to the RTS genre almost exactly eight years after it first ventured there. It looks like it plays much the same as the first, balancing deep strategy with simplified controls designed for the Xbox controller. Story-wise, Halo Wars 2 picks up where Halo 5: Guardians left off, with Captain Cutter and his crew facing off against a new faction, The Banished, led by a Brute known as Atriox.

Lego Worlds

Due: Feb 24
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch

If anything can take a swing at Minecraft's crown, it's Lego Worlds. It probably won't come close, but with a brand as big as Lego behind it, it can sure try. The brick-by-brick building sandbox has been in Steam Early Access since mid-2015, but it's finally ready for a full launch this month, accompanied by release on PS4 and Xbox One. A version for the Nintendo Switch is reportedly in the works for a later date, too.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

Due: Feb 28
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, iOS, Android

For the third season of Telltale's point-and-click adventure series, returning protagonist Clementine is sharing her duties as the player character with Javier, a newcomer who's looking for his family. It'll be interesting to see if Telltale tries to recapture the magic of Clem and Lee's relationship, which made the first season so heart-wrenching. February 28 marks the physical release of the Season Pass, which includes the first two episodes, and lets you download the other three as they become available over the next few months.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Due: Feb 28
Platform: PS4

Set to be February's big release (at least for PlayStation players), Horizon Zero Dawn is an open world, action RPG that blends technology and tribal culture. A thousand years after the world was ravaged by the apocalypse, nature has reclaimed its turf and robots seem to have evolved to replace most forms of life. As Aloy, players hunt these creatures, crafting weapons and survival items, as she journeys to stop another tribe from taking control of the robot wildlife for unspecified nefarious purposes.

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