Updated AIBO features built-in wireless connectivity

Updated AIBO features built-in wireless connectivity
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Saturday September 13, 2003Sony have updated the AIBO Companion Robot with a new design that incorporates a richer LED "face" display, eyesight three times sharper than previous models, built-in Wireless LAN connectivity and for the first time, you can give the robot dog a bone - the "AIBOne" to be exact, a pink toy that the new ERS-7 AIBO can pick up in its mouth.Wireless LAN connectivity coupled with the larger 32MB Memory Stick enables the owner to interact with the AIBO remotely via PC or mobile device and the hardware improvements also allowed Sony to produce new software named 'AIBO Mind' that allows AIBO to behave autonomously as well as through from PC-based applications.The remote control capabilities mean that the owner could instruct AIBO using email to take a picture of its location and send it back.Like previous models the ERS-7 AIBO has the ability to recognise its owner's face and voice as well as find its own charging station. New 'Visual Pattern Recognition' now adds the ability to distinguish shapes and patterns so that the robot can be given instructions based on visual communication.New electro-static 'touch' sensors enable AIBO to respond to gentle stroking (previous models required pushing a button) and the Brighter 'Illume-Face' lets the ER-7 express a wider range of emotions.The doubling of on-board memory and a new 64-bit RISC processor with a clock speed 150% faster than its predecessors also enhances the companionship benefits the robot can offer according to Sony, with the onboard memory enabling the ERS-7 to retain a "personality" which it w ill develop over its entire lifecycle.Stay tuned to Gizmo for updates on Australian release of the ER-7 or follow the links below to learn more.

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