Porsche has unveiled a newly refreshed Macan in Shanghai, featuring new exterior design elements and an upgraded interior. This is the most significant refresh for the Macan since its introduction in 2014, and brings several new technology pieces to the SUV.

On the outside, the new Porsche Macan doesn't change much in terms of design. Slight changes to its stance and bodywork give it a slightly lower, wider, and faster-paced look. Details such as the four-point rear tail lamps and the now-standard LED headlamps are seen in this new Macan. Porsche aimed for a three-dimensional design with the Macan's lighting, and offers an upgrade to the Porsche Dynamic Lighting System Plus, which allows adaptive control of the light distribution for the Macan's exterior.

Porsche has added several new options for the Macan, to include elements from the 911 sports car and more driver-assist and semi-automated technologies. The former comes with an optional GT sports steering wheel with an integrated Sport Response Button with the optional Sports Chrono Package, allowing more driver control of the Macan's systems.

Comfort items such as a heated windscreen and an air ionizer for the climate system improve the interior experience. These combine with new driver-assist and comfort technologies available for the Macan. One of those is Traffic Jam Assist with adaptive cruise control for lower-speed, stop-and-go driving situations, including lane-centering steering assistance in traffic jams. This system works at speeds up to about 37 mph (60 km/h).

Porsche has also upgraded infotainment in the new Macan refresh, adding an 11-inch touchscreen with a new Porsche Communications Management interface. The full-HD screen was formerly only 7 inches wide, meaning a redesign of the center stack was required to accommodate the new, much larger screen. This new system will be familiar to those who've seen PCM in the Panamera or Cayenne models.

Also upgraded in the Porsche Macan are underlying technologies that work behind the scenes to improve forefront technologies users are interfacing with. The Macan is now fully networked as standard, includes intelligent voice control, and pulls real-time traffic information for the navigation system. Swarm-based traffic data is pulled from the "Here Cloud" and a new Offroad Precision App allows users to record and analyze off-road driving experiences in the new Macan.

Porsche has also commissioned newly-developed tires for improved driving dynamics. These are on new 20-inch and 21-inch wheels, and the Macan's sports car-like mixed tire widths front and rear remain a hallmark on the SUV.

The new Porsche Macan as introduced in Shanghai will be sold in the Chinese market as shown. Similar improvements and changes will be coming to the Macan SUV in other global markets over the course of this year, Porsche promises.

Source: Porsche

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