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February 7, 2007 Part of the collateral damage in the invasion of personal technology has been the increase in the number of important belongings we need to carry with us to function efficiently – just a few short years ago, it was just keys and wallet and sunglasses and maybe prescription glasses and perhaps a filofax, but most of us now also carry a mobile phone and MP3 player, a PDA and maybe we’d even carry a compact camera if we had a spare pocket ... and so it goes. Briefcases, backpacks and bags are the most popular solutions to this gadget clutter, but they make vulnerable targets for thieves, and heaven knows how much pain the loss of a phone, PDA or keys might cause. Indeed, for this humble writer, the personal inventory checks which need to be carried out every time I move location seem to take a disproportionate amount of my limited CPU activity. Now there’s a new and interesting range of garments which carry all of these objects and can be worn under existing clothes. Urban Tool sportHolsters come in a number of functional and quite diverse designs suitable for slipping your whole digital ensemble under a tux or being able to work out in the gym while wearing one comfortably. We really like this idea – for the next decade at least, we’ll have lots of gadgets to carry and this body-hugging holster concept appears the most practical solution.

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1 comment
John in Brisbane
Cummon, most of the stuff you listed is inside a smart phone. Wallet, keys phone is my ritual and they all go in their own place fine - plenty of pants now have a phone sized pocket just below the main pocket on the right leg. No need for this concept I don\'t think. I get a creepy feeling that in 50 years it will get dug out for one of those shows where they poke fun at our ideas for the future.