How many times has this happened to you? You’re out on the back nine, enjoying a round of golf, when suddenly you realize that you’ve gotta go Number 1! What are you going to do, stop everything and trek back to the clubhouse? Go in the trees, like some kind of uncultured barbarian? Not if Floyd Seskin has anything to say about it. The Florida urologist would prefer you take his invention, the UroClub golf club, and pee into it.

Seskin was inspired to create the device after hearing from male patients who golfed, but who also suffered from urinary frequency. The UroClub has a triple-sealed screw-top hollow grip, that can hold over half a liter of liquid - twice the volume of what is commonly urinated, apparently. It comes with a privacy shield, which is a little towel-like piece of fabric that hangs down in front of your pants. The idea is that when the need hits you, you just open up your UroClub, snug it up under the privacy shield, fumble around under there a bit, then just stand there and look like you’re giving a lot of thought to your next swing. I have to admit, when I first saw this thing, I thought the shaft was also hollow and the “liquid” was supposed to come out of the bottom and onto the grass. The reservoir grip is probably a better idea.

The UroClub costs US$24.95, and is available through its website. And no, you’re not expected to actually use it for playing golf - although should you lose your 7 Iron, that’s what it’s modeled after.

But what about the ladies, you may ask? Good question, someone should invent a device for them, too. Let's hear your ideas - But watch the UroClub TV commercial below, first. You're welcome.

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