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US$500 wrist watch telephone and MP3/MP4 player

US$500 wrist watch telephone and MP3/MP4 player
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December 5, 2006 The wrist watch telephone has been one of the most anticipated gadgets in history, having been introduced to the public psyche by Chester Gould’s globally-syndicated newspaper comic strips featuring Detective Dick Tracy who began using a wristwatch phone in 1946 (supersleuth Tracy was quite the technophile, with his wrist phone becoming a two-way video watch in 1964, and a wireless wrist-worn computer in 1987). Now the dreams of a billion people are about to be answered with the coming launch of a miniscule (43 x 56 x 16.8 mm) US$500 wristwatch weighing just 45 grams (1.6 ounces) with a 96 x 74 Pixel touch screen and as well as making and receiving phone calls (GSM/GPRS 900/1800/1900 MHz Tri mode (HW and SW) it’ll play MP3s and MP4 videos. Initially expected to be available in mid-2007 in Pastel Blue & Pink, Baby Blue & Pink, Navy Blue, Electric Blue, Red, Yellow, Black and Grey, there’s also a range of upmarket versions in the design phase (see design sketches in the image gallery) made in 18 carat gold, black titanium and other exotic substances.

Distribution has already been agreed for the new watches in some major markets though opportunities for potential distributors of the watches are still available in a range of countries including India, Russia, Brazil, New Zealand, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and most other South American countries. Distribution enquiries here.

Latest Specifications:

Main chipset : AD65498CPZ-RL Chip & AD6T2OABCZ-RL ChipMemory : 128 * 32 MCPInternal type antennaUSB Port for connection to Personal computer40 embedded true tonesEmergency Call featureTouch ScreenMP3/MP4LCD – 96 x 74 Mega Pixel64 MB U-DiskGPRSCall & SMS onlyBluetooth Compatible (Bluetooth headset optional)GSM SIM Card supportSpeaker PhoneText base UIBand material: rubber / stainless / urethane / other band.Simply dial numeric input type500mA Battery: minimum of 500mATalk Time80 minStandby Time 70 Hours

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