As a person who isn’t getting any younger - and finds himself behind a desk for most of the day - I am starting to appreciate the advice of teachers and parents imploring me to sit up straight. Now that my school days are behind me and I live alone, my back is constantly reminding me that there’s no one left to admonish me for my terrible posture. The USB Posture Alert Reminder could be just what I need to get my spine back on the straight and narrow.

The compact unit sits under or on top of your monitor, and measures how close you are using ultrasonic waves. Start leaning forward and you’ll be chastised with a warning chime, which can thankfully be turned off. The device will also let you know if your head is closer than the recommended 35 – 60cm (13.8 - 23.5-inches) distance from your monitor with a flashing LED. If the LED starts flashing blue then your head is within the moderate visual range, but if it starts flashing red then it has detected you are closer than 35cm and need to straighten up.

The USB Posture Alert Reminder is USB powered and comes with a 149cm USB cable. It is available in black or white, measures 6cm long x 5.5cm wide x 1.5cm thick (2.36 x 2.16 x 0.59-inches), and weighs 120g (4.2oz). It is available for USD$21.99.

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