September 8, 2008 The list of things you can do with your USB memory stick just keeps getting longer. The latest 2-in-one effort from TrekStor will ensure you don't get caught short at your next BBQ - the USB stick CO is a high-speed data storage device which doubles as a bottle opener.

Housed in solid, brushed aluminum, the USB stick CO features data transfer of 25 MB/s (read) and 12 MB/s (write). It comes bootable, pre-formatted and ready for immediate use without a driver and is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Mac OS X and Linux from Kernel 2.6.x. Sizes range from 1GB to 16GB of memory.

The TrekStor USB stick CO will be available from October 2008 and sell from between EUR6.99 and EUR49.99.

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