Ever come home from a weekend away to discover a nasty odor emanating from the kitchen? Yet you remembered to empty the garbage can and the fridge is free of rotting food. Further investigation leads to the unpleasant realization that your dishwasher is the culprit. And it’s not that you forgot to set the cycle before leaving; it’s just that dishwashers are wonderful havens for bacteria to breed - even after the wash cycle.

To this end, LG Electronics has just released a dishwasher with an ultra-clean hygienic edge. Developed to target and improve family health, LG designers incorporated a distinctive UV lamp to prevent bacterial growth and eradicate 99 percent of the bacteria remaining after a wash cycle. The UV lamp allows owners to store dishes inside the tub hygienically for up to four hours after the wash cycle. However, for those who prefer to leave the machine on overnight - and don't intend waking at 4am to unload their dishwasher - this feature could turn out to be less useful than it appears.

Nonetheless, LG’s dishwasher has considerable eco-friendly appeal. The use of a Direct Drive Motor provides more space and quieter operational properties. This slim design has increased the internal height of the tub, allowing for larger plates and room for up to fourteen place settings. The DUAL Washing System alternates water intensity between the upper and lower racks, while a height-adjustable third rack can accommodate more utensils and culinary tools. Could these features alone be the answer to the aftermath of Thanksgiving dinner?

Combined with LG’s own technology, the Direct Drive Motor achieves a silent operation of only 43dBA, a much lower level - according to LG - than dishwashers in the same price category.

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