Searching for somewhere to park in a busy city can be a long-winded and frustrating experience. Drivers in central London, however, no longer need to do so. A new service called Vallie allows them to hand their car over to be parked for them, and to be returned when requested.

The Vallie mobile app, which is currently available for iOS with an Android version due soon, allows users to set a drop-off point anywhere in the serviced central London area. A Vallie driver will then meet the user and collect their car, taking it to a pre-approved secure car-park.

Vallie says it works with a number of car-parks across the capital and allows users to keep tabs on the location of their car via its app. The firm's drivers are said to be "highly qualified," to undergo stringent interviews, a driving test and background checks before being hired and to be insured for up to £100,000 (US$145,000) damage to the car and up to £10 million ($14.5 million) third-party liability while driving.

User can book with Vallie as and when they need to use the service or in advance. They can also make use of additional services such as MOT checks, charging for electric cars, petrol refills, screenwash refills and car washes while their car is parked.

When users are ready to leave, they simply request that their car be returned to a chosen location via the app and Vallie says one of its drivers will do so within 15 minutes.

Vallie's service became available to use across central London yesterday, following a pilot in the City of London's financial district last year. The service is charged at £5 ($7) per hour or £25 ($36) per day.

The video below provides an introduction to Vallie.

Source: Vallie

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