The intriguingly named Anti Bottle just got updated. The new Element is purpose built large for the thirstiest customers and features a couple of updates from the original Anti Bottle models. It is the largest Anti Bottle yet, coming in 0.7 liter (24 oz) and one liter (34 oz) sizes, with a wide mouth "SuperCap" to deliver that extra fluid to your body more quickly. It also gets a stronger attachment clip designed to better hold on to your backpack during intense workouts.

Outside of that, the Element is just like other Anti Bottles. It's a soft-bodied water bottle that can be rolled, folded, frozen and reused. It's basically a hydration bladder that you can drink out of, and is easier to stash and carry than a water bottle - so it can slide into tight spaces like a large jacket pocket or cramped backpack.

The Vapur Element hit the market this week, with the 0.7 L model retailing for US$11.99 and the one liter version coming in at $13.99. It comes in Water (blue), Fire (black) and Wind (white).

Source: Vapur

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