Leather or nylon wallets are so passe, at least according to Jeremiah Skow, creator of the Vault Wallet, a solid credit card sleeve made from stainless steel. The steel gives the Vault Wallet several advantages over the competition. It's strong, thin, able to block RFID sniffing, and potentially long-lasting.

The idea behind the Vault Wallet is simple. As we inch ever closer to being a cashless society, the design of the wallet needs to evolve to better serve our needs. So, the Vault Wallet removes all but some simple slots for a credit card or two.

Made from 15 individually laser-cut stainless steel parts layered and riveted together, the Vault Wallet offers a slim but strong home for your credit cards. The use of stainless steel means the Vault Wallet blocks RFID transmissions, which could be a potential target for hackers. This could also prevent your RFID-capable card from interfering with other transactions, such as the swiping of travel cards.

The one feature of the Vault Wallet that doesn't fit in to its minimalist edict is the auto-eject mechanism, which means you never have to take your credit card fully out of its protective sleeve. Instead, you press the button to push your card out halfway, and when you've finished with it you simply push it back in.

The Vault Wallet is designed for those people who only use one or two credit or debit cards and don't carry much (if any) cash. However, the optional elastic band that stretches around one side of the wallet gives the option of carrying other cards or paper money.

The Vault Slim features one card slot, weighs 130 grams, and is 3.9 mm thick. The Vault One features two card slots, weighs 170 grams, and is 5.9 mm thick. The Vault Wallets are currently being funded through a Kickstarter campaign, with the Slim costing $29 and the One costing $39. A video explaining the concept can be seen below.

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