Versatile Underwater Camera

Versatile Underwater Camera
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Thursday December 11, 2003

Continuing the theme of underwater exploration begun with last week's look at the state-of the-art SpyFish STV, this versatile underwater camera brings the fun of recording what's going on beneath the surface of the ocean, lake or backyard pool closer to reach of the average budget. The Underwater Cam from Swann records up to 4 hours of sub-marine action to a depth of 16m in colour and connects to camcorders, TVs, VCRs, portable monitors and LCD Screens with AV inputs.

With 20m of cable and an operaing time of uo to four hours on one battery charge, Underwater Cam Ideal for recording and improving kids' swimming techniques, diving and snorkeling, checking the condition of your boat beneath the waterline and research, rescue, or even plumbling purposes where wells, dams, rivers and flooded mine shafts need to be explored.

The camera takes 250 x 920pixels video images via a 1/3" CMOS sensor and the in-built white LEDS project light underwater to enable image capture in murky waters .

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