January 14, 2008 Victorinox used the 2009 CES as the platform for the launch of their new Presentation Pro, a compact Swiss Army Knife that includes a laser pointer, Bluetooth remote control and USB storage of up to 32GB which, in a first for the company, integrates biometric fingerprint security.

Slated to hit shelves in May '09, the USB drive on the Presentation Pro can be removed so that it can be carried in the cabin during air travel and there is also a bladeless "flight friendly" version on offer for the same reason. The 508dpi capacitive biometric sensor can be partitioned for up to ten users, with each user can able to access only the data tied to their particular fingerprint. The integrated Bluetooth controller is designed for giving powerpoint presentations, works at a range of up to 100 feet and includes two control buttons to emulate left and right mouse clicks.

Other accessories include the blade, a nail file, philips head screwdriver, scissors and key ring.

The Victorinox Presentation Pro is priced at USD$169.95 for the 8GB version, $224.95 for the 16GB version and $334.95 for the largest (32GB) version. Knock off around $5 for the bladeless model in each capacity.

Noel McKeegan

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