Video: REVA unveils the NXR and NXG electric cars

Video: REVA unveils the NXR an...
REVA at IAA 2009
REVA at IAA 2009
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REVA at IAA 2009
REVA at IAA 2009

Last week we brought news of REVA's imminent unveiling of the NXR and NXG electric cars with an emergency roadside assistance system called REVive to combat "range anxiety". Click through for the video of REVA CTO Chetan Maini (and his mother) pulling the covers off the two new cars today, at day two of the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Gizmag @ IAA 2009 - REVA unveils the NXR and NXG electric cars

Emmanuel Dzisi
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Since manufacturers don't let these batteries routinely fully discharge, by design, to lengthen their service life, the addition of this service to give a stranded user another couple extra miles of battery power to limp to a place to plug in is a nice benefit to make this technology more appealing.
Another option would be to allow the user/owner to do this manually, after assenting to a warning screen about reduced battery life, and logging the date/time in the car computer for warranty issues later. Another option would be having a small on-screen camera take a 1K JPG picture of the person authorizing the battery safety over-ride along with time/date would be a good feature. This also serves to emphasize the point of the harm that routine depletion of the battery pack has on it's life cycle.
News release from REVA: "These include SMS alerts and commands such as distance-to-empty and time-to-full charge, remote cabin heat/cool, a monthly eco-drive check by email, service and insurance alerts, remote diagnostics and healing and REVive remote emergency charge. REVive is exclusive to REVA and acts like an invisible reserve fuel tank and addresses ‘range anxiety’. If a customer runs out of charge, they can telephone or SMS REVA’s customer support centre.
The advanced telematics feature will assess the car’s batteries remotely and activate a reserve amount of energy while protecting the battery life. Within minutes, a few extra kilometres of range are made available via the telematics and the driver can continue home or to a place where the NXR can be charged."
cycles used to have a reserve like this, the last inch of the fuel tank. Do we really call this a "reserve" or do we just say the battery calls it quits before its empty and you have to ask it to go "the last mil on empty"?