Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) has begun work on a luxury residence in Denmark that's almost equal parts home and private car showroom. Commissioned by a client with an enviable car collection, Villa Gug comprises a novel looping form that integrates the cars into the main body of the house.

Bringing to mind Poland's Autofamily House in its unabashed celebration of the car, Villa Gug is located in a rural area near Ålborg, Denmark. Its design will polarize opinion, but appears well-suited to the client's particular requirements. Judging from the renders provided to the press, the home appears to take its place well in the surrounding landscape too.

"In Villa Gug, the clients' passion for cars plays a significant role in the family life, taking up a significant portion of the housing area," says BIG. "Instead of hiding the vehicles away in a basement, or a large garage, we suggest a house that smoothly turns from car to home."

Villa Gug comprises a total floorspace of 750 sq m (8,072 sq ft), and is laid out as follows ... The looping form serves first as a driveway and then becomes a private showroom and garage. As it slopes upwards, it leads into a gym and then the house proper, with kitchen, lounge, and remaining areas joined onto each other and connected by hallway. A rooftop terrace tops the structure and a library is reached by descending a staircase.

Though Villa Gug sports significant glazing, it's deceptively private, and passersby won't be able to gawp inside at the cars as the ground-floor features a large unbroken facade of what looks like concrete. In addition, the looping form also creates an inner garden area that's removed from prying eyes.

Work on the project is currently ongoing. As yet, we've no details on the expected completion date or budget.

Source: BIG

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