Although they’ve been around for decades, the all-in-one form factor has really been embraced by PC manufacturers in recent years. On the back of recent releases from the likes of HP, Dell and Sony, Vizio, a company better known for producing TVs, has joined the party with a couple of all-in-one units in 24- and 27-inch screen sizes that mark the company's entry into the PC market.

Previously revealed at CES in January, Vizio has now officially launched its “premium PC” line that includes the Thin + Light Ultrabook, Vizio Notebook and All-in-One desktops. Both the 24- and 27-inch All-in-One models offer 1920 x 1080 displays, 2.1 surround sound with SRS Premium Sound HD and a breakaway subwoofer with integrated power supply. Dual HDMI inputs are included for the connection of a cable box or games console that allow the display to be used when the PC is switched off.

The displays aren’t touchscreens like the HP Omni 27 we reviewed earlier this year, but the units do come with a wireless touchpad with multi-touch gesture support and a remote control in addition to a wireless keyboard. The keyboard also features a “V key” that offers a one touch shortcut to streaming video services including Hulu Plus, Netflix and Vudu.

Configuration options include the choice of third generation Ivy Bridge Core i3, i5 and i7 processors, discrete Kepler class Nvidia GeForce GT 640M LE graphics card, and storage capacities ranging from 500 GB up to 1 TB with a 32 GB SSD. The SSD is installed on the motherboard to take advantage of Intel’s Rapid Start Technology.

Vizio has obviously spent some time on the minimalist styling of its All-in-One units, which see the slimline display sitting atop a die-cast aluminum neck – however, it should be noted that the neck doesn’t allow swivel, but only tilts up and down. Various ports are also located on the side and rear of the base unit rather with none offered on the side of the display.

Vizio’s All-in-One PCs start at US$898 for the base 24-inch model, while the 27-inch units start at $1,098. They’re currently only available from retailers in the U.S.

Source: Vizio

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