Vo Trong Nghia Architects has long professed a desire to add more greenery to Vietnam's cities and this is reflected with its latest project, the Chicland Hotel. The extraordinary building will be almost completely covered in vegetation and squeezed into an awkward plot near the coast in Da Nang.

The Chicland Hotel (also referred to as the Chic-Land Hotel) is located on a choice spot on the coast that boasts great views of the sea. There's just one catch: the site measures only 15 m (50 ft)-wide.

In response, Vo Trong Nghia designed a skinny 72 m (232 ft)-tall tower that contains parking in the basement, a cafe on the first floor, guest check in on the second floor lobby, and a rooftop pool and cafe. The rest is mostly given over to 129 hotel rooms.

Three sides of the building will be totally covered in plants. These have been carefully chosen, both to be aesthetically pleasing, and to filter the light pleasantly within the hotel rooms and on the balconies. If we can trust the renders, it'll make quite the visual impression, not unlike Milan's Bosco Verticale and Singapore's Oasia Hotel Downtown.

Adding so much greenery to a building is naturally fraught with potential issues, such as moisture, additional weight and the like, not to mention just maintaining it, and we've no details on exactly how Vo Trong Nghia will handle it.

However, the firm has considerable experience integrating greenery into its projects, including the House for Trees, Binh House, and Farming Kindergarten, so it'll no doubt have such concerns well in hand.

The Chicland Hotel is currently under construction and is expected to be completed in early 2019.

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