Missed another dentist appointment because the Post-It note fell off the fridge? Forgot your anniversary because you left your diary at work? Didn’t remember to buy milk? What was that tee-off time again? If that little voice inside your head isn't doing its job, the Jenda Voice Calendar might be the answer - it provides a simple way to record reminders in your own voice.

Press 'month,' 'day' and 'hold to record' to enter an appointment and the voice calendar reminds you. The calendar mounts on the refrigerator door or other metallic surface with its heavy magnets, or it can hang on the wall or sit on a benchtop. The flashing 'today' button alerts the whole family each morning about the day's schedule.

It even tells you when its batteries are running low.

Recurring events, such as a weekly golf date or guitar lesson only have to be recorded once. Same for annual events like birthdays and anniversaries (and visiting old aunt Agatha). The 'to do list' button lets you record non-date specific notes like grocery lists or things to do around the house (great for wives whose husbands are on holiday).

The talking calendar is helpful for busy families and anyone who hates to forget important events. The manufacturers say anyone who can use a calculator can use Jenda talking calendar.

The calendar uses three AAA Alkaline batteries and measures 10" x 12". It sells for around USD$40.

Just remember to buy the batteries when it tells you!

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