High-tech outdoor clothing company Vollebak likes going mad with gadgetry and advanced materials, and its latest jacket takes highly desirable geek unobtanium to dangerous levels. It's called the Graphene Jacket, and it's a jacket … with graphene.

"Part coat, part science experiment," the Graphene Jacket features a coating of everyone's favourite nanomaterial. It's unclear exactly what benefit there is to having this ultra-light, ultra-strong, ultra-conductive coating on a jacket. Indeed Vollebak doesn't even pretend to know why you'd want it beyond pure curiosity and conversation starter value.

"To buy and wear a Graphene Jacket is to write yourself into the next stage of graphene's experimental history," reads the website. Allrighty then. If you're written into any annals for wearing a jacket, it'll be in the smallest of fonts. But you will have a pretty sweet looking jacket, so who's the real winner here?

The waiting list is open now and the price is as yet undisclosed.

Source: Vollebak

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