Volvo cleans-up in car portable satellite navigation

Volvo cleans-up in car portabl...
Volvo sat-nav mounting bracket
Volvo sat-nav mounting bracket
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Volvo sat-nav mounting bracket
Volvo sat-nav mounting bracket
Garmin nuvi 760
Garmin nuvi 760

November 22, 2007 In an effort to introduce portable satellite navigation without the clutter of wires or the use of unsightly suction cups, Volvo has developed a new mounting bracket for Garmin’s latest satellite navigation unit that can be fitted to all new Volvo cars.

The dealer-installed bracket has an integrated power connection for the 178-gram Garmin nüvi 760 and is positioned on top of the dashboard for a plug-and-play solution which can also be folded away when the unit is removed from the vehicle. The unit passes all Volvo ergonomic, EMC, sight and crash tests.

The Garmin nuvi 760 features a 4.3" bright colour, touch screen and can search via a full 7-digit post code, use voice prompts and speak street names. An in-built FM transmitter enables voice commands to be transmitted via a spare FM channel on the radio head unit so the voice prompts can be heard through the vehicle’s speakers.

Preloaded with detailed two and three dimensional maps covering the UK, Ireland and EU, plus an integrated database of Volvo information (such as showing you the fastest way to get to a Volvo workshop), the unit is also compatible with a number of Bluetooth phones and doubles up as an MP3 player.

The new mounting bracket will be available from 3 December 2007 and can be retrofitted to earlier models including the Volvo S80 from model year 1999, the S60 and V70 from 2000, the XC70 from 2001 and recent model years of the Volvo S40, V50, C70 and XC90.

Visit Volvo or Garmin for further info.

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