No-one likes getting stuck behind a slow-moving truck on the roads, but the likelihood of being held up by Volvo's "Iron Knight" truck is minimal. Based on a Volvo FH, it has been specially built to set new speed records, kicking out 2,400 hp (1,790 kW) and 6000 Nm (4,425 lb.ft) of torque.

The 4.5-tonne (5-ton) Iron Knight was a collaboration between technicians, engineers and designers at Volvo Trucks. It is entirely custom-built except for its engine and its I-Shift Dual Clutch transmission, which is the same as that of Volvo FH production models.

The powertrain is also based on the same unit as that of an FH, although its mid-mounted D13 engine, with its water-cooled intercooler and four turbochargers, has been tuned to produce its maximum possible power. Large air ducts in the side-skirts help to cool the engine.

To keep the truck's weight down, its cab is made of fiberglass and designed to minimize air resistance. Electronics have been kept to a minimum to help shave off more pounds, and the truck's software programmed for high performance, allowing the engine to communicate optimally with the transmission. Elsewhere, the clutch has been reinforced in order to handle high torque levels.

Volvo Trucks, who's Mean Green truck broke the hybrid truck speed record in 2012, says it is aiming for world records in the FIA accredited 500-m (1,640-ft) and 1000-m (3,281-ft) standing start categories. For the attempt, the Iron Knight will be driven by racing driver Boije Ovebrink.

The attempts will take place on August 24 and streamed live on Volvo Trucks' YouTube channel.

The video below provides an introduction to the Iron Knight.

Source: Volvo

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