Volvo YCC Concept Car wins major design award

Volvo YCC Concept Car wins major design award
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May 6, 2005 The Volvo Cars' YCC team has received the Torsten och Wanja Söderbergs Pris (Torsten and Wanja Soderbergs Prize), one of Scandinavia's most prestigious design awards. The YCC is a Volvo concept car with unique features designed exclusively by women and it impressed the judging jury. "For their solutions for storage, accessibility, vision and the possibility to personalize the interior, the group has in a convincing way shown possible solutions for future cars," wrote the jury.

"The outer and inner shape together with the choice of materials connects to the best of Scandinavian design tradition, but is at the same time new and progressive," continued the jury. The Torsten och Wanja Soderbergs Pris carries with it a $65,000 (USD) gift.

The $65,000 (USD) gift will be shared evenly amongst the nine team members: Maria Uggla, Anna Rosén, Cynthia Charwick, Maria Widell Christiansen, Camilla Palmertz, Eva-Lisa Andersson, Elna Holmberg, Lena Ekelund and Tatiana Butovitsch Temm.

The female approach to YCC's design resulted in the concept car's unique solutions. All the design decisions in creation of the YCC's distinctive exterior and intelligent interior were made by the team of nine women.

The YCC was unveiled at the Geneva motor show in March 2004, and the concept car has attracted immense attention the world over. Since its reveal, the YCC has toured the world visiting more than 20 cities. The YCC accompanied by Anna Rosén (exterior design) and Elna Holmberg (technology manager) was the star attraction at the 2004 Australian International Motor Show in Sydney, Australia in October.

The prize-giving ceremony will take place at the 89-year-old red brick Röhsska Museum of Design and Applied Art in Gothenburg, Sweden on November 3. The YCC will be on display at the Röhsska Museum from November 4 to January 8.

The Torsten och Wanja Söderbergs Pris was first awarded in 1994 in celebration of Torsten Söderbergs' 100th birthday. Torsten (1894-1960) was a businessman active in the family company, Söderberg & Haak, the largest iron and steel wholesaler in Sweden. Wanja (1899-1982) was Toresten's wife.

Other Significant Awards for YCC November 2004 – Anna Rosén and Maria Uggla were chosen Women of the Year by the Swedish magazine Damernas Värld in recognition of their inspiring design of the YCC concept car.

January 2005 – Automotive News Europe, the most respected and influential automotive industry magazine in the world, selected the nine women behind Volvo Cars' YCC concept car as the magazine's Women of the Year. The headline read: The Women That Changed Volvo.

Global Media Coverage – the number of column inches devoted to the YCC and its creators in 2004 added up to nearly two kilometres.

Positive Media Response – Media reaction to the unique YCC has been overwhelmingly positive. Of a collected 3700 articles, 62 percent are positive, 35 percent are neutral and less than 3 percent are negative.

YCC Concept Features

• Ergovision – seating position, pedals, head restraint and steering wheel adjust to correct driving position and maximum visibility for driver's personal build• Lower door sill rotates downward when door is opened to expose a clean surface so occupants don't dirty a dress or pants• Easy-Clean paint resists dirt similar to a non-stick pan• Seat's head restraint is grooved to comfortably accommodate a pony tail• Pedals can be adjusted for high heels• Centre console is large compartmentalised storage area• Interchangeable seat trims allow driver to personalise interior• Autopark – assists drivers when parallel parking by first measuring the space then by assisting the driver to manoeuvre into the spot• Run-flat tyres• Rear 'theatre' style seats for easy storage• Gull-wing doors with Auto-Open remote function on key FOB• No filler caps – YCC uses a capless ball-valve for fuel filling and washer fluid• YCC notifies Volvo Service Centre if the car needs attention and suggests a booking time to the driver for servicing

Gizmag has previously covered the YCC in great detail.

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