The amount of kit needed to go camping in the great outdoors can soon add up. Which means multi-purpose products capable of catering to more than one need can be an absolute godsend. The VSSL Flask is one such item, combining a flashlight, compass and a flask for discreetly storing a beverage of your choice.

Despite its name, the VSSL Flask is primarily a flashlight. However, the name of this product reveals its true nature, as the VSSL Flask contains a 300 ml (10 fl oz) vessel in which you can store your favorite beverage.

There is also a hidden compartment into which two collapsible stainless steel 10 ml (0.35 fl oz) shot cups are stored, along with a bottle opener. Completing this multi-purpose piece of kit is an oil-filled compass that acts as the end cap protecting your boozy secret.

The flashlight offers an LED torch with three different settings: flood, dim, and SOS. Three E90 batteries can run the brightest setting for 20 hours. The flask is made from extruded anodized aluminum, with a bonded glass layer preventing the flavor of the liquid inside being compromised.

The manufacture of the VSSL Flask was funded by a recent Kickstarter campaign, which raised CAD$53,000 (US$40,000). It can now be purchased directly from VSSL for US$65.

The video below shows the VSSL Flask being used in the wild.

Source: VSSL

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