If you're really the cycling-gadget type, then it's possible that your bike could have a computer, headlight, camera and phone all mounted on the handlebars. Sound a little cluttered? Well, that's why British startup Vudu7 created the V – it combines all of those things and a lot more in one device.

At the heart of the V is a quad-core Android 6.0-powered cycling computer with a 4-inch touchscreen and a separate Bluetooth thumb-operated controller. Utilizing sensors such as a GPS module, accelerometer, gyroscope and barometer, it tracks parameters including speed, distance travelled and route taken, plus it delivers turn-by-turn navigational cues.

It can additionally be paired with third-party devices such as heart rate monitors and power meters via ANT+, Bluetooth LE or Wi-Fi.

Also on board, however, are an HD 1080p video camera for recording adventures or traffic "incidents"; two 1,200-lumen CREE LED headlights (one spot and one wide); a SIM card slot that allows the V to be used as a stand-alone phone (it can also be paired with a phone); a 110-dB horn/siren; and 3-watt stereo speakers that can be used to play back music or listen to phone calls.

Everything is contained within a waterproof polycarbonate housing, and powered by an 8,000-mAh rechargeable battery. The claimed total weight is 350 grams.

The device can be removed from its alloy mount when not in use, or locked into it. If left on the bike, it can also serve as an alarm, emitting a shriek and notifying the owner if the bicycle is moved – should they not get to it in time, they can then track its whereabouts online. Oh yes, and it will apparently also send a message to the rider's family or friends if they crash.

The V is soon to be the subject of a crowdfunding campaign, and will be introduced at a price of US$300. The planned retail price is $450.

Some of its other features are outlined in the video below.

Source: Vudu7

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