January 17, 2008 The iWear VR920 video visor from Vuzix (formerly Icuiti) promises an "as if you were there" virtual world experience, incorporating 3D technology, head tracking, microphone and audio in a wearable display equivalent to a 62-inch screen viewed at a distance of 9 feet. The company has also announced an upcoming gaming version (the AV920-C) will be added to the iWear range that connects to Xbox360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii and others for single and multiplayer video games, allowing users to select their half or quadrant and view it on their personal big-screen instead of splitting a single TV video screen 2, 3 or 4 ways.

All of the iWear models provide a big screen viewing experience ranging from 44" to 62" virtual displays. Designed to let you step inside virtual worlds (think Second Life), MMOs and 3D games, the VR920 display features virtual iWearR 3D and integrated 3 Degree of Freedom (DOF) head-tracker and added microphone and audio so that you can move, look around, listen, and communicate with others.

To make gaming easier on the eyes the units incorporate advanced options with 3/4" eye relief and 5/16" eyebox, 2.5" intraocular distance (IOD) and color corrected 10th order aspherical lens with diffractive surface.

Weighing just 3.2 ounces, the US$399.95 VR920 provides a 32-degree field of view, 24-bit true color (16 million colors) and 60 Hz progressive scan display update rates via twin high-res (640x480) LCD's. There's a six foot cable included in case you start wandering off and the user-adjustable design platform allows the integrated speakers to be upgraded or removed so that you can use your own headset.

The new AV920-C gaming version allows multiplayer gaming off a single console with the ability to daisy chain the units together so that up to four players can game without distraction or fear that an opponent can view their screen - radically changing how local or in-home multiplayer games are played.

The Vuzix AV920-C gaming eyewear will be available in February 2008- pricing is yet to be announced.

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