In what is possibly the ultimate two-in-one combo for the beach bum, the WalkBag not only carries your beach essentials, but when pulled inside out, the small backpack doubles as a towel for lying out in the sun and drying off.

Whether camping, spending the day at the beach or just hanging out by the lake or river, a towel can be very easy to forget and very sorely missed if and when you need it. The WalkBag helps prevent you from forgetting your towel by integrating it right into a backpack. Each pack has a 71 x 29.5-in (180 x 75-cm) cotton towel sewn inside, letting you flip it into a bath towel or picnic blanket in seconds. A sleeve at one end of the towel can be used to hold an inflatable or makeshift pillow.

While not exactly the backpack of choice for long, gear-heavy treks, the 13-liter WalkBag itself can carry small items. It includes a water-resistant compartment for protecting things like a phone and wallet and works as both a backpack and a single-shoulder duffel bag.

The WalkBag comes in several different models starting at €39.95 ($US53). An inflatable pillow designed specifically for the towel is also available.

Source: WalkBag

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