Water-propelled jetpack: could this be the one?

Water-propelled jetpack: could...
The water-propelled jetpack takes flight
The water-propelled jetpack takes flight
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The water-propelled jetpack takes flight
The water-propelled jetpack takes flight

February 2, 2009 We're nearly 10 years into the new millennium, and the stark reality facing science fiction fans is that we STILL don't have an affordable jetpack. Promising technologies like this ion-propelled, remotely-powered unit seem to pop up from time to time, but nothing materializes on the market. The guys at JetPack International have built a beauty of a machine that does exactly what you'd hope - but at US$200,000 it's still way out of reach for most people.

This one might not be, though. It's propelled by super-fast jets of water pumped up through a tube that connects the jetpack to an engine that sits under the surface of a body of water. By tethering the flyer to the ground, this device is able to vastly reduce the weight of the flying apparatus by leaving all the heavy fuel and engine components behind, and since you're flying around above the surface of the water, you've got a much softer landing if you fall. Most importantly, the device looks like exactly as much fun as you'd hope, and because there's nothing too complicated to it, we can't see it costing much more than a jet-ski if it goes into production. Excellent!

We don't have any details on who's building this unit, its specs or any expected push to market. But we do know it'll be a massive hit when it breaks. Check out the video below!

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The website claims they are taking orders, but no price is given.
Lets hope it's the real deal.
Craig Mclaughlin
It looks like alot of fun. I would love to be the first on the lake with one of these.
Lawrence Klein
Looks like fun - I wonder how long they tried the hose before settling on about 10 meters!