March 17, 2008 Top loaders have generally been considered the water wasters of the washing machine world, but the new Water Aid Top Load Washer from Electrolux addresses this issue by delivering water savings of up to up to 7,800 liters (over 2000 gallons) per year using sensors that determine the load size and only supplying the exact amount of water needed to wash and rinse.

With a four star Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) rating, the top loader uses Electrolux’s Water Aid technology to automatically set the water level to suit your load size and fabric type, optimizing time and providing quality wash cycles without wasting water. The machine also uses a patented system that recirculates water to ensure it is only used where it is needed. Considering that the average load of washing uses less than 50% of average machine capacity, using only enough water for a specific load can lead to extensive water savings.

The WELS system is a new Australian water efficiency scheme, which allows consumers to compare the water efficiency of different products. The rating system is similar to the energy rating labeling and products can achieve up to six stars (most efficient).

Utilizing a two compartment detergent drawer, the Water Aid distributes detergent and fabric softener into the wash at optimal times during the cycle, protecting clothes from detergent spotting. An in-agitator filter washes the clothes from the top to bottom of the load to reduce tangles and ensure even washing. The machine is also equipped with delay start and wash time options. The Water Aid Top Load Washer comes in a 9.5kg (approx. 21 pounds) capacity retailing for AUD$1,319 and an 8kg capacity retailing for AUD$1,159.

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