Riding a high speed personal water craft (PWC) can be an exhilarating experience, but not everyone likes the adrenaline or the engine's roar. Aimed at those new to such water toys, or families with kids, the Waterbuggy is designed for calmer activities. Designed by the Turkey-based Bodrum Marine Group, the Waterbuggy offers a maximum speed of 8-10 km/h (5-6 mph) and can be reportedly operated by a child. Think of it as a combination of a PWC and a paddle boat, or a kind of floating bumper car.

Operated by a couple of buttons to start/stop the boat and a simple joystick enabling right-left-forward commands, the Waterbuggy can float on shallow waters of up to one meter (3.28 ft) in depth. Its turbine system allows a torsion of 360 degrees.

The Waterbuggy has been recently showcased at the Monaco Yacht Show and according to Megayachtnews.com, it maneuvers smoothly and quickly, and it's also possible to spin it in place.

The outboard engine concealed within watercraft's body comes in one of four options: Honda 10HP, Mercury 9.9HP, Mariner 9.8HP and Tohatsu 9.8HP. The Waterbuggy's round deck has been designed to accommodate three people, who are additionally protected against the sun by the arching tail. It also features stainless metal handles, while the fuel tank is removable and portable, facilitating its refueling.

The Waterbuggy can be viewed at its product page and is available on request, with pricing depending on customization (reportedly ranging from EUR7,500 - EUR8,000 / US$9,900 - US$10,600).

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