WaveBlades - US$200 Body Surfing gloves

WaveBlades - US$200 Body Surfing gloves
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August 25, 2008 Bodysurfing is almost unique in that it requires nothing more than a human being to capture nature’s forces for fun and physical wellbeing, but like most human pursuits, a little extra help can make it so much more. We first wrote up WaveBlades six years ago – the Waveblade is a hand-worn glove-like Bodysurfing device that enables you to catch waves that were previously uncatchable, go faster and further and do new tricks thanks to the extra control available. You can also swim faster – all for US$200.

Not surprisingly, over the years the hand-made WaveBlade has evolved , got lighter and now comes in several sizes so that it suits more people and waves both big and small. The company has a wholesome family feel that evolved from the surfing community mentality and still offers its original money-back guarantee. Because it’s all hand-made, you can even send them a half yard of lycra spandex and have your waveblade made in the design of your choosing for no extra cost.

And the company finally has its own web site so you can order on-line – at US$200 a pair, it’s gotta be one of the highest bang-per-buck recreational toys you’ll ever find. Check out the testimonials if you are in doubt.

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