Wearable data storage market evolves

Wearable data storage market e...
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4GB Micro Hard Drive
4GB Micro Hard Drive
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January 7, 2006 One wonders what we might carry with us “digitally” a decade or two from now, with memory and storage capacity getting larger and much more affordable every day. Imation got us thinking about this by showing several interesting concepts for carrying digital files at the CES – the 256 Mb Flash Wristband and the 4Gb Micro Hard Drive. They’re interesting concepts, particularly the wristband, but just think that a decade from now the bang-per-buck factor will have improved by several orders of magnitude.

The uniquely designed Imation Flash Wristband provides an easy way to transport your precious digital files, such as photos, music or videos, securely around your wrist or attached to a backpack. The Imation Flash Wristband consists of a rubber moulding shell and friction fit locking band, protecting the drive, and your files, from accidental damage. The Imation Flash Wristband holds up to 256 MB of data and can be used on any computer. To use, simply “unplug” the wristband and plug the drive into the computer’s USB port. Then, “drag and drop” digital files from the computer’s desktop to the wristband or vice versa, in a matter of seconds.

Starting in January, the Imation Flash Wristband will be available in “one size fits all” blue and black colors in Target stores across the U.S. for a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of US$34.99.

4GB Micro Hard Drive

The award-winning Imation Micro Hard Drive has been around for a while, except that it now holds more data. With a unique and stylish padlock design, the durable Imation Micro Hard Drive features a flexible USB connector that locks directly into the drive and can be easily used to clip the storage device to a belt loop, keychain or briefcase.

The Imation Micro Hard Drive uses the Toshiba 0.85-inch hard disk drive, which is recognised by the 2005 Guinness World Records book as the smallest hard disk drive in the world.

A software upgrade featuring enhancements such as a streamlined user interface, which makes protecting and restoring files even easier, and modifications to make the device compatible with Mac OS X Tiger software will be available for both the 2GB and 4GB drives in early January 2006 at www.imation.com/support.

The Imation 4GB Micro Hard Drive is now available for a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of US$189.

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