Flexible wireless earphones promise long-haul comfort for all

Flexible wireless earphones pr...
The Neopon 2 true wireless earphones offer custom comfort and secure fit for all
The Neopon 2 true wireless earphones offer custom comfort and secure fit for all
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The Neopon 2 true wireless earphones offer custom comfort and secure fit for all
The Neopon 2 true wireless earphones offer custom comfort and secure fit for all

There's nothing quite like listening to music through a decent pair of headphones, but they're not always the best choice when out and about. Cabled earphones are convenient for music on the go, but wireless is better. But a bad fit could spoil your enjoyment, or a bud could pop out while you're running down the forest trail. The Neopon 2 earphones have been developed for universal comfort and a secure fit.

Currently raising production funds on Kickstarter, the Neopon 2 build on the design of the first product from tech startup Neopon, a single-ear Bluetooth earpiece with an extended microphone for comms. Version two has been designed to offer a stereo listening experience.

Arc-shaped housing rests behind the ear and is home to the electronics and battery. To the top of each earpiece is a flexible arm that can be hooked over the top of the ear. The earphone component sits at the end of a flexible cable that allows the bud end to be placed at the opening of the ear canal, but not pushed down inside. The user is said to be able to control how much ambient noise gets in by moving the speaker closer or farther away from the ear canal. The result is the promise of a comfortable and secure custom fit for all.

"I created this product to remove every single pain point associated with prolonged earphone usage," said company founder and CEO Neo Lee. "No more ear discomfort, no more volume adjustments. Now anybody can have full control over their earphone audio without sacrificing their comfort or health."

The earphones are built around Qualcomm's QCC3040 true wireless chipset, which rocks Bluetooth 5.2 with aptX support, tri-core processing and support for active noise cancellation. Neopon is promising "rich sound quality" from the 10-mm speakers, and an "AI-powered interface" caters for use with popular voice assistants. Battery life is reckoned to be six hours per charge, with a supplied charging case offering 20 additional hours.

We've tried many wired and wireless earphones over the years and long-haul comfort can be a deal-breaker for otherwise decent sounding gear. We'd have to try the Neopon 2 earphone out ourselves before we can confirm if they deliver the goods, but they look pretty good on paper.

Kickstarter pledges start at US$49, and if all goes to plan, shipping is estimated to start in December.

Source: Neopon

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1 comment
Rusty Harris
Save your money. If you want a 100% NO pain wearing all day, the best bet is do what I have done for over 15 years. Worked in 911 for a long time. Headsets would drive you nuts. When bluetooth headsets first came around, they were big and bulky, but now "pop in your ear", but the one size fits all aspect just hurts after 8-10 or more hours.
I found a place that made custom ear buds for pilots and what not that got into making custom ear buds for bluetooth headsets called pilotstuff. They made a companion site called averysound for the music industry (mostly those monitors you see musical artist wear on stage. They custom make ear buds for pretty much all of the headsets you can find online. How it works is they send you a two piece putty that you squish together mixing it up. Then, stuff the entire blob into your ear. Wait 5 minutes for it to cure (no heat involved), then it turns to rubber and you pop it out, send it back to them, and about 3-4 days later your custom ear buds are ready to use. Just pop them on, over, in or however they are are attached to your bluetooth set. They custom shape the hole to fit however it fits on your set, with instructions. Since it is a mold of your ear, it fits PERFECTLY. I've been using them for years and after 8 hours of a BT headset jammed in my ear...absolutely NO PAIN.