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Weather Station on your wrist

Weather Station on your wrist
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The Weather Watch Pro is a complete weather station on your wrist!

Containing a wealth of environmental information, the Weather Watch Pro offers readings on windspeed, wind chill, height above sea level, temperature, barometric pressure and direction, not to mention normal watch functions.

Weather Watch Pro uses a Swiss-made flip-up impeller for current, average, and maximum windspeed. One of the impeller fins is magnetized, highlighted in green and always points North. This allows you to mechanically determine wind direction.

One of the watches features is its constant monitoring of barometric air pressure and a mode where it displays a history graph for the last nine hours, enabling weather to be predicted and it can even alert the user to significant changes with an alarm.

Weather Watch Pro can also be detached from the wrist strap and worn on a lanyard (which is included)

Prevailing weather can make a big difference to your outdoor adventures and the Weather Watch Pro is an ideal companion whether you're mountain climbing (accurate to 30,000 feet) or below sea level water sports (safe to 10 feet) or just enjoying the golf course.

The Weather Watch Pro retails for US$149.95 and is available in black or yellow from

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