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myGreenElectronics: how green are your gadgets?
myGreenElectronics: how green are your gadgets?
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myGreenElectronics: how green are your gadgets?
myGreenElectronics: how green are your gadgets?

March 18, 2008 Promoting the four R’s of green electronic use (Reduce, Recycle, Reuse and Rethink), the ‘myGreenElectronics’ website is dedicated to minimizing the impact consumer electronics have on the environment. A simple, clean design, myGreenElectronics provides basic information to help consumers on their path to thinking, buying and acting ‘green’.

The Energy Calculator is useful tool that generates a financial cost for running your home and personal electronic devices throughout the year. By entering the number of hours per day certain devices are in use, it calculates the cost per month and per year (individually and overall) using an average price per watt of electricity used. By changing hours from ‘in use’ to ‘asleep/idle’ or ‘off’ you can see how much energy (and money) can be saved by turning off appliances not is use.

Tech-savvy users tend to want the latest and greatest products, but that leads to piles of unwanted electronics. myGreenElectronics suggests putting your old electronics to good use by donating them to charities, community programs and schools. eBay has launched its Rethink Initiative, making it to find new users for idle computers and electronics. Networks such as Freecycle are also a good way to do this. For those items that are beyond help, the site recommends recycling them instead of throwing them in the bin to end up landfill. A zip code search function on the site helps you locate an electronics recycling center near you (US and Canada only).

If you’re looking to purchase new electronics and want to make sure you get something ‘green’, the site as a search facility by type of product. The simple search function will bring up a list of matching products with the maker, product type, model number and green properties. For example, a Samsung VCR listed on the site is energy efficient, made from recyclable materials, is made with a reduction of hazardous materials and employs resource conservation. Users can also read access FAQs for recycling and buying green. All resources on myGreenElectronics are free of charge and the site is powered by the Consumer Electronics Association, a trade association promoting growth in the consumer technology industry.

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