Wet PC underwater computing

Wet PC underwater computing
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Originally conceived and developed at the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS), the WetPC underwater computer combines a comprises a miniature PC with a mask-mounted virtual display and a unique 5-button chordic graphical user interface (CGUI) that can be operated using one-hand.

The computer itself sits in a waterproof housing on the diver's air tank and is attached via cable to the mask-mounted display that produces high contrast "floating" visual interface.

The waterproof 5-key Kord Pad is attached to the diver's belt or chest and is operated by pressing single or multiple keys This process (called chording) is likened to playing a piano allowing the user to interact with the computer in a very natural way. The pad can be used with either hand and enables the diver to access and record information with one hand whilst swimming.

The Kord Interface Technology is completely distinct from other systems because it displays graphic buttons on the screen that match the buttons the user needs to press on the hand-piece to perform a particular action - this makes underwater computing a far more user-friendly prospect.

Another example of the high degree of flexibility now present in personal computing design, more information on WetPC and Kord interface technology can be found by following the links below.

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