Wheego electric LiFe car to debut at LA Auto Show

Wheego electric LiFe car to debut at LA Auto Show
The Wheego Whip LiFe electric car
The Wheego Whip LiFe electric car
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The Wheego Whip LiFe electric car
The Wheego Whip LiFe electric car
The Wheego Whip LiFe electric car
The Wheego Whip LiFe electric car
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The all-electric Whip LiFe from Atlanta-based automaker Wheego will be making its debut at this month’s LA Auto Show. Not to be confused with the luxury hybrid LIFECar being developed by Morgan Motors in the U.K., the LiFe is designed as a practical little runabout and it looks... well, it looks pretty “Smart.”

The LiFe two-seater is propelled by an AC 50 brushless motor, delivering a peak 60 hp, 128 Nm of torque and a top speed of 65mph (105 km/h). It’s powered by a 115 V Lithium battery back, that provides a range of about 100 miles (161 km) and takes about five hours to charge from 50 to 100 percent, via a 240 V outlet – it can also be charged from a 120 V outlet, but it will take longer.

The car comes standard with dual airbags, ABS and the various accoutrements people expect from automobiles such as an AM/FM CD player with MP3 and USB ports, plus power steering, windows, locks and mirrors.

It also has a proportional regenerative braking system, to help extend its battery range.

The LiFe is currently in production, and should be arriving at about 20 dealerships around the U.S. starting late this month. It has a base price of US$32,995, although it may qualify for a $7,500 federal tax credit. Wheego has already been selling what is essentially a slower version of the same car, called the LSV or Low Speed Vehicle.

The 2011 Wheego Whip LiFe - all electric car

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old VW beetle could be retro fitted with a petrol heater due to the ineffective heating in Beetles.
Can\'t someone develope a simple diesel or petrol portable generator that could be fitted on a rack behind E cars like this?

It goes 100km on a charge, what if it could be charged as you drive?
If you drive in town, just use the grid to charge it, if you want to go touring or long distance, get your portable generator out and attach it to the boot.

Just an idea.
while I was watching the video, the car stopped every few yards. Not very impressive, although it may be my computer that is playing up! Seriously, this looks a great little vehicle, but it is very expensive. The expression, \'less is more\' comes to mind.
I wonder with these electric vehicles what they do about heating? Does the electric motor give out sufficient heat to warm the interior on cold days?
Jeff Sell
@ FBU 6:00 PST
It's not *intended* to be a touring car. You don't buy a Hummer limousine to make grocery runs, and you don't buy a car like this (a short-range commuter) to go on road-trips.
But, yes - if you want to hook up a generator to it, and modify the electronics to take power while driving, you could potentially turn it into a series hybrid, and extend the range - or you could just buy the Opel/Vauxhall Ampera, which was DESIGNED to do exactly what you\'re describing.
Not that I'm saying the Ampera is a good - But it is what you're describing - except for the diesel option.
Gerfried Hans
Is this a USD 6000 Chinese car retrofitted with utterly expensive LIFePO4 battery packs? May be you go for that way easier and quicker: