Scaling some of the larger mountains in Hyrule can be quite a challenge, particularly earlier on in the game before you've upgraded your stamina. But stamina isn't the only thing holding you back. The climbing gear increases the speed of your climbing, and once you've got the whole set, you'll wonder how you lived without it. Here's how to get it.

Getting the climbing gear is a must if you're trying to tackle the Super Gut Check Challenge, which is one of the better ways to earn rupees in the game.

Where to find the climbing gear

First make your way to Muwo Jeem Shrine at the south east edge of the map. Locate the island to your north east, and glide out there to find Chaas Qeta Shrine. This shrine is one of the Major Tests of Strength, so put on your best gear and beat the Guardian to unlock the door. You'll find the Climbing Gear in the chest inside.

Once you're back outside, there's a Korok Seed here for the taking - just grab the Korok Leaf next to the tree, jump onto the tree stump with the leaf symbol on it, then use the Korok Leaf to sail over to the next island.

Where to find the climber's bandanna

Find Ree Dahee Shrine in between the Duelling Peaks in the Necluda region, and head inside. This shrine has pressure plates which you'll have to stand on, then carefully time stepping off, to get the orbs into the receptacles.

Once you've done that twice, use Magnesis to place one of the barrels on the last pressure plate, which creates a walkway up to the chest where you'll find the Climbing Bandanna.

Where to find the climbing boots

Head to this point on Lanaryu Mountain and use a bomb on the rocks to uncover Tahno O'ah Shrine. There's no challenge here – just open the chest to get the boots.

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