Back in January we told you about the exploits of Dutchman Wiebe Wakker, who set out in March, 2016, on an electric car journey from the Netherlands to Australia. The actual route was determined by folks offering charge stops along the way, and now the journey has come to an end – with another country thrown in for good measure.

The original project plan was to finish the epic EV adventure in Sydney, Australia, and Wakker achieved that back in April (with 50 electric cars joining him for the last stretch). Over three years on the road, 33 countries visited, over 1,700 offers of help along the way and 95,460 kilometers traveled. But the journey didn't end there.

In May, the roving Dutchman and his Blue Bandit EV headed to one more country for even more adventuring – New Zealand. More driving, promotion and interviews followed. Wakker even left the car behind at one point to explore Coromandel in an all-electric Britz EV campervan.

The Blue Bandit reached Wellington on June 25, then skipped over to the South Island and finally ended the trip at Bluff on July 19. The final all-electric stats clocked in at 1,222 days on the road, 100,450 km (a little over 62,415 mi) traveled, 1,797 offers of help received and 34 countries visited.

"I am excited that I made it this far," Wakker said at the final finish line. "Earlier this trip I reached the North Cape, Europe's most northern point and now the most southern tip. I basically crossed the whole globe in an electric car. Very proud of this!

"I'm having mixed feelings at the moment, sad that my adventure has come to an end but also happy to go back home, having a closet to put my clothes in, seeing friends and family again and to start a new challenge.

"My journey has been made possible by hundreds of people who offered me a bed, shared a meal with me and let me charge my car. And of course help in many other ways from strangers, friends and companies. Thanks all for getting me here."

Details of that new challenge have yet to be announced.

Source: Plug Me In

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