Wii has a knack for turning everyday activities into stimulating interactive games. We’ve seen cooking and yoga work their way into people’s consoles and Nintendo hasn’t stopped there. The company's latest creation - Baby and Me - allows anyone to play mom and raise a baby through their Wii console.

The game includes a toy doll with motion control which comes to life after the Wii remote is inserted in its back. From here, the game simulates an actual baby’s moves with 18 modes of play. These motions are then mirrored on the TV screen and points are gained for correct responses.

Using the Wii Balance Board, the baby can be rocked to sleep, burped or taught how to walk. The baby reacts by making giggling, gurgling or crying noises through the Wii-mote.

Nintendo has had a lot of success with interactive games aimed at the little ones and this addition looks set to extend its reach. After all, is there really a choice for a child between a toy doll and a toy doll that plays back?