Tracking shooting success from different areas on the basketball court can provide valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of a player, though it usually involves dedicated statisticians to collect and monitor the data. Looking to extend the benefits of these analytics beyond the professional arena is sporting goods manufacturer Wilson, who has announced its Smart Basketball designed to offer detailed feedback on training performance.

Wilson's "Make/Miss" technology uses sensors built into the ball and a companion smartphone app to track how many shots the user makes from different positions on the court.

When the training session comes to an end, users can view their shot success from two-point and three-point range, and also how many they made from the free throw line. The app also provides a heat map to demonstrate which parts of the court had them running hot, and where their game may need a little work.

Wilson isn't the first to look at using tracking technology to aid shooting performance. The 94Fifty, which we looked at last year, also uses sensors built into the basketball to provide performance feedback, while Hoop Tracker combines a sensor placed on the rim of the basket with a connected watch to keep tabs on your makes and misses.

Wilson isn't giving away too much in terms of technical details just yet, however, we do know the technology was developed with the help of Finnish technology company SportIQ, who specialize in sports performance tracking equipment and real-time analytics.

Wilson says its Smart Basketball will be available in time for the northern winter 2014.

Source: Wilson

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