Either alone or with company, those able to polish off a bottle every few days probably don't give wine freshness too much extra thought. It's the drinkers who prefer to enjoy a glass or two a week that must carefully consider when to pop a new cork. The Wine Squirrel decanter is designed with an inflatable sealing mechanism that helps to maintain taste and eliminate wasted wine.

It's not fun to pour out wine that has succumbed to the flavor-affecting oxygenation process, especially if the bottle happens to be costly. This latest decanter takes an approach we've seen before with the Air Cork, but addresses a couple key issues. While both products create an airtight seal, the Wine Squirrel is capable of barring all oxygen exposure. And it doesn't look like an invasive medical device either.

The Wine Squirrel decanter is crafted out of lead-free crystal, which functions to store and serve white or red wine without affecting the flavor. But it's the two-piece inflatable design that makes preservation possible. Users insert the seal and push down until it reaches wine level. A quick twist of the knob is all it takes to lock out all the air.

With the handle removed, the Wine Squirrel stores easily on counters or in fridges, either vertically or horizontally. The unique sealing mechanism is supposedly strong enough to allow the decanter to tip upside-down safely without spilling a drop. When ready to pour a glass, a reinsertion and counter-clockwise turn of the handle unlocks and removes the seal.

One simple yet important aspect of the Wine Squirrel is that it works with any bottle one can normally purchase. Although tech- and feature-packed, the Kuvee Smart Wine Bottle relies on replacement consumables for long-lasting freshness. Not only does the Wine Squirrel offer single-glass servings without added recyclables, but users are free to shop and enjoy without waiting for special orders to be delivered.

The company behind the Wine Squirrel decanter is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, having raised 104 percent of its US$30,000 goal in six days, with another 20 left to go. Pledges for a single Wine Squirrel decanter start at $65.

The product's function and design have been finalized and tested. If production and shipping go according to schedule, backers can expect shipments to start sometime this November.

Check out the video below to see how the Wine Squirrel decanter works.

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