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Thursday November 27, 2003 Almost any parent will testify to the value of audio baby monitoring devices in providing added peace of mind and an extra degree of freedom that can make a huge difference when it comes to getting things done around the house. If being able to hear baby in another room is an advantage, adding visual contact to the equation is the logical next step - and now technology is delivering.

The Swann Guardian Angel Handheld Baby Monitor enables you to both see and hear your baby via an LCD colour screen on the palm-sized receiver at a distance of up to 300 feet.

Sounds and images are transmitted from a camera unit with a microphone built-in - the camera includes infra-red capabilities for use in a darkened nursery and the ultra sensitive microphone is designed to detect even the slightest noise within a range of 1-2 metres.

The handheld monitor fits in a pocket and can also be can be clipped onto a belt or carried around the neck. There is also a voice activation mode that turns the screen on whenever your baby makes a sound and a digital clock with alarm is incorporated below the LCD screen - so that baby's feeding and waking times can be scheduled.

The volume level is adjustable along with the brightness and contrast of the display. The 320x240 pixel camera has an adjustable tilt stand for optimal viewing and includes four-channels so that frequency with minimal interference can be selected.

The Swann Guardian Angel Handheld Baby Monitor costs AUD$349 and runs on rechargeable batteries.

A black and white Guardian Baby Monitor is also available (wireless but not handheld unit) at a cost of AUD $199.

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Baby monitors are one of those must-have items for any conscientious parent. Baby monitors are used by millions of families all over the world as a device to help them watch over baby while they are in a different room. Baby monitors are available in a wide variety of styles, from audio monitors to models with video monitors and movement sensors,and video baby monitor with night vision are all the newest models.
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A new mom cannot stop worrying about the troubles that the newborn will face even if she is away for a few minutes. There are other regular chores and jobs at home that take them away from the baby! Baby monitors help the mother (parent) to keep an eye on the baby from anywhere in the home. The parent is able to see and hear the infant even when she is physically not present near the child.