Many current activity trackers either lack easy-to-see displays, or suffer poor battery life. Withings looks to have addressed this on its new Go tracker by employing a large, low power, always-on e-ink display. The clip-on or wrist-worn device boasts an eight month battery life and automatic activity tracking whether you're walking, running or swimming.

The entry-level Withings Go is capable of monitoring all the usual metrics such as steps, distance covered and calories burned, just like its higher-end Activité stablemates. It can also automatically track walking, running, swimming and sleep without the need to press a button at the start of the activity. However, its large always-on e-ink screen is the undeniable headline attraction.

This means users can easily check their fitness stats, even in the sort of bright light conditions which leave the screens on some other trackers unreadable. The main screen allows users to see a progress dial moving towards a daily goal, with the central icon changing to a reward logo when the target is met, but the display can also be used to display an analogue watch face.

Because the round e-ink display has a very low power requirement, the button cell battery (CR2032) in the Withings Go should give around eight months of use. The tracker also plays nicely with the Withings Health Mate iOS and Android apps where users will be able to check their exercise data in more detail, look at their historical fitness data, set goals and receive contextual feedback about their fitness.

The Withings Go, which is on show at CES, will be available in five color options (black, blue, green, red and yellow) and can be worn either on the wrist like a watch, or clipped to a belt carried on a keychain, or in a pocket. It's expected to go on sale in the first few months of 2016 priced at US$70.

Source: Withings

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