Speed cameras have a tough time of it. In theory they exist for a very good reason, but nobody likes them. Sorry, let me take that back. Nobody but government accountants likes them. And while car drivers can run Waze, or any number of other apps on their phones to keep them alerted to upcoming revenue raising zones, motorcyclists have to be a bit more alert or risk expensive fines.

The Woolf wristband attempts to solve this problem. It's a water resistant leather wristband that looks neat enough to wear around all day, and it's got a built-in vibration buzzer to warn you about speed control zones when you're on the road.

It does this by hooking up via Bluetooth to a smartphone app that stays connected to the Worldwide Speed Camera Database, which is updated daily with speed camera information for some 66 countries.

As you approach a speed camera zone, it starts buzzing on your wrist. That buzzing gets quicker until it becomes a solid continuous vibration when you cross the threshold of detection.

It charges via USB, fits under leathers, and a charge should last you around two weeks of commuting. It's also got an accelerometer built in, but we're not sure what advantage that offers over and above the ones in your phone.

It's a nifty way to give riders the advantages some car drivers enjoy, without exposing their mobile phones to the elements or taking their concentration off the road. It's not cheap, starting at €70 for early bird presales on Kickstarter (expected retail price will be €139) – but hey, given how expensive speeding fines are these days, if it saves you one ticket it's more than paid for itself.

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