People can be pretty picky about their pillows. Not only do folks fall on a different part of the softness-to-support ratio, but that preference can change night to night. Now, a French startup has developed the Wopilo, an indecisive-sleeper's dream pillow that's soft on one side and firm on the other.

Pillows seem like a pretty basic product, but never underestimate the technology industry's ability to find ways to cram so-called smarts into anything. Over the years, we've seen pillows that detect snoring and gently nudge the offender, some that play music to lull insomniacs to sleep, and others that light up to rouse chronic snoozers.

By comparison, the Wopilo seems less advanced but more practical. At its heart is a memory foam core, and the variable firmness comes from placing that closer to one side of the pillow than the other. So, a sleeper craving a comfy night can lie on the pillow with the fluffy side up, while those looking to prevent waking up with a stiff neck can flip it over for more cervical support.

Along with its choice of different support levels, the creators say the Wopilo will stay cooler than other memory foam pillows, and retain its shape and comfort longer than a normal one. It's stuffed with synthetic microfibers to make it soft and cosy, without triggering any allergic reactions.

Wopilo is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, and so far it's raised €52,550 (about US$59,000), exceeding its goal of €20,000. Pledges start at €69 ($78) for a single pillow or €129 ($145) for two, while pillow cases will cost an extra €20 ($23) each. The campaign runs until July 5, and if all goes to plan, the team says that backers will be sleeping better by October this year.

The team explains the Wopilo in the campaign video below.

Source: Wopilo

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