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The world's fastest grass muncher?

The world's fastest grass munc...
Dixie Chopper's Excalibur
Dixie Chopper's Excalibur
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Dixie Chopper's Excalibur
Dixie Chopper's Excalibur
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April 23, 2008 If you're looking for a lawn-mower to park in the garage beside your Bugatti Veyron, the Excalibur may be just the ticket. Billed as the world's fastest lawnmower by its Indiana based manufacturer Dixie Chopper, the Excalibur 3874 promises to manicure 9.2 acres per hour at speeds of up to 15mph.

Powered by a 38 hp Kohler engine, the Excalibur 3874 features springer forks, optional steering dampers, a tachometer and a 74-inch cut with electric height adjustment... and to keep you entertained during your (albeit short) bursts at the controls, there's also a 12-volt adapter for your cell phone or iPod.

If horsepower isn't necessarily at the top of your lawn-mowing wish list, Dixie Chopper also have an option for the environmentally-minded that reduces emissions by means of a propane power system that uses a Generac engine with standard LP tanks fitted to either side of the seat. The company's LP 300 model is itself no slouch - covering up to 9 acres per hour depending on the model.

More info at Dixie Chopper.

Via Dvice.

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