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World’s first fingerprint protected personal navigation device

World’s first fingerprint prot...
Biometric protection - GoPal P4425
Biometric protection - GoPal P4425
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Biometric protection - GoPal P4425
Biometric protection - GoPal P4425

December 4, 2007 Theft of personal navigation devices (PNDs) is on the rise with several European and US cities reporting that GPS devices are the most commonly stolen items in cars today. To combat this, MEDION AG and AuthenTec have announced the launch of the world’s first personal navigation device to use a fingerprint sensor to enhance user security and deter device theft.

The P4425 incorporates MEDION’s new GoPal GPS with AuthenTec’s slide fingerprint sensor for user identification, ensuring that only authorized user can activate the device. MEDION’s GoPal software offers the possibility to save five different user fingerprints to the device. The fingerprint technology effectively renders the GPS device unusable if stolen.

“Our goal was to create a feature-rich, portable PND which uses the best technologies and security features available today,” said Mark Jendrzok, MEDION AG’s Director of Product Management, Mobile Computing. “We are pleased to add AuthenTec’s TruePrint fingerprint sensor technology, which replaces passwords and PINs with a simple swipe of a finger, bringing convenient security to owners of this innovative new navigation system.”

AuthenTec’s sensors have been integrated into more than 17 million PCs and peripherals and more than 7 million cell phones worldwide. The sensors are based on the company's patented technology that reads below the surface of the skin to the live layer, where a person's true fingerprint resides.

In addition to the finger print technology, the new GoPal P4425 features GPS satellite and Bluetooth wireless connectivity for hands-free use, voice recognition and text-to-speech capability for detailed voice instructions, an RDS-TMC receiver for live traffic updates, and an FM transmitter which enables voice guidance via the vehicle’s sound system. A 4.3" TFT touch screen display, slim 17mm case, MP3 player, speed advisor and lane assistant round out this product offering.

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