World's largest capacity flash MP3 player - 8 GB Sansa e280

World's largest capacity flash...
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August 22, 2006 Competition improves the breed, and in the hot-hot-hot world of MP3 players, the 8 GB SanDisk Sansa e280 is the best of breed this week. Unveiled yesterday as the world's largest capacity flash-based MP3 player, the e280 has a suggested price of US$250, audio, photo viewing and video clip playback capabilities and a microSD expansion slot allowing expansion to 10GB of music with a 2GB microSD card. The player features an open digital rights management system that allows users to purchase songs or access subscription download services from numerous sources. In keeping with the ever-improving bang-per-buck trend, SanDisk has lowered its prices on the entire Sansa e200 line of products, including the existing 2 GB (US$140), 4 GB (US$180) and 6 GB (US$220) models.

The dimensions of the Sansa e200 are 1.7 in. wide x 3.5 in. long x 0.5 in. high (4.4 cm wide x 8.9 cm long x 1.3 cm high). Screen size is 1.8-inch (4.572 cm) TFT color screen (QCIF+).

"The most costly ingredient in a flash-based MP3 player is the flash memory. Since we make the flash memory, we essentially remove the middleman and pass that savings directly to the consumer," said Eric Bone, director of audio/video product marketing at SanDisk.

In addition to holding thousands of songs, the Sansa e200 includes a plethora of features to enhance the listening and viewing experience. These include:

-- An open (non-proprietary) digital rights management system that allows users to purchase songs or access subscription download services from numerous sources

-- A microSD expansion slot for additional memory capacity and support for SanDisk TrustedFlash content cards that can be played not only on Sansa players but also on mobile phones equipped with microSD card slots. SanDisk microSD cards today come with capacities of up to 2GB, with higher capacities planned in the future

-- Photo and video capability facilitated through the Sansa Media Converter, which enables a superior customer viewing experience

-- Digital FM tuner, on-the-fly FM recording

-- Voice recording with a built-in microphone

-- Sleek, thin design with large 1.8" TFT color screen for easy viewing and advanced navigational features within an easy to use interface

-- User replaceable and rechargeable Lithium Ion battery for up to 20 hours of battery life(4)

-- Scratch resistant alloy metal back casing provides excellent durability

-- Multi-pin universal connector for future accessory upgrades, battery charging and USB 2.0 connectivity

-- Simple to use, backlit controls for fast device interface navigation

View gallery - 9 images
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